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Corso di Porta Ticinese 58, 20123 Milano

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Summarize the liveliness, the essence, the characteristics of a local who for thirty years has been innovation and avant-guard is not easy, being able to make the climate and atmosphere of Trattoria Toscana is almost impossible. There is nothing to do, you have to come and visit us!

But how does the Trattoria?
In 1972, four young members full of enthusiasm Helium, Luciano, Jolita and Mara founded, creating along the Corso di Porta Ticinese in the district of the same name, at the time "a real home in the city: you knew all!" Luciano recalls a meeting place for artists of fundamental and boys of the student movement that met there encouraged by the good prices and excellent cuisine. Meanwhile, the local has always been run by the same founders evolves following the development of the Lombard metropolis through the fabulous '70s, becoming a permanent reference point for the Milanese who love good food and fun. In fact, now as then Trattoria in dancing, do theme parties, you talk about sports and politics, we sit at the table with the owners who, as an old family, welcome old and new friends advising them in a climate extremely friendly.

But how is the kitchen of Trattoria?
First of all genuine with the freshest fish and meat and then ... careful not to be fooled by the name of the restaurant, the food is very Italian in fact, not only Tuscan salami ranging from appetizers to desserts highly sought-produced, particularly rich in early and insignia of the best culinary traditions of our country and the latter tasty and original research in the aromas and flavors strictly Mediterranean. Also you can try the famous aperitif in Milan: the Trattoria in fact was one of the first restaurants to offer it, and above all to offer a beautiful young Milanese free buffet of excellent quality during happy hour. The bar is then open until late at night to the delight of viveurs Milanese and international, but also the restaurant is no joke: since it's available for the theater until after one in the morning!

Who is the Trattoria?
As we have seen certainly for night owls! But the beauty and strength of Trattoria Toscana are certainly in the variety of its clients: for managers who want their dinners a warm environment where they know they do not deface anything, and creative young people who find themselves in a challenging environment and trend between new fashions and the best Italian tradition.

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